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On your wedding day, you will be surrounded by your nearest and dearest; whether it’s your bridesmaids making sure the day runs smoothly, the Best Man entertaining with his speech, or your Maid of Honour holding your dress! But when it comes to other roles that involve children at your wedding – page boys and flower girls – their responsibilities can be a little unclear…

Flower girls

A flower girls’ role in the past would have scattered flower petals along the aisle, ready for the bride to walk on. However some venues consider this to be a little bit messy, so in recent times, a flower girl has simply walked down the aisle before the bride’s entrance – looking extra cute, of course! You may opt to dress your flower girl in the same colour as your bridesmaids, or in a shorter version of your bridal gown in ivory – think full skirts, ruffles, bows and tulle for the perfect little princess, but remember your little guests will likely be running around after the ceremony is over, so don’t be too precious about her gown getting a few scuffs or covered in wedding cake…!

Page boys

Traditionally, page boys were appointed with carrying the train of the dress, however that’s a role that bridesmaids seem to have acquired these days. A page boy role is perfect for young siblings, nephews, or cousins who you may want to play a role in your day, but are too young to join the main bridal party. The page boy will typically sport a dapper suit, waistcoat and shirt combo – a miniature version of the grooms outfit. However if you’re having a summer wedding, you might want him to wear shorts and something he will feel comfortable in. You could even opt for a change of clothes for your page boy after the ceremony. Strawberry Children have a range of boys designer clothes that are more casual, but ensure he still looks smart.

Ring bearers

The role and responsibility of a ring bearer has changed throughout the years – typically in modern weddings, the Best Man will be in charge of looking after the rings, but we’re sure you’ll have seen viral videos of people involving their dogs carrying the rings on their collars! Traditionally, however, the role of the ring bearer was carried out by a young boy who enters the venue before the bridal procession, carrying the rings on a cushion or in a trinket box. A ring bearer is the perfect role if the bride and groom have a child of their own who they want to play an important role in their ceremony.

Children at your Wedding

Because the roles mentioned above may involve young children, their behaviour on the day can be unpredictable. It can be quite daunting for a child to walk down the aisle in front of many people, so if you’d like one less thing to add to the stress of planning your big day, then ensuring they’re confident and comfortable is key. If your flower girl or page boy would prefer to walk down the aisle with an adult, why not ask one of your bridesmaids, or your mother, to accompany them? You could also make a point of inviting them along to your dress or suit fittings beforehand, so they can meet other members of the bridal party too.

Did you have a page boy or flower girl at your wedding? Let us know your tips for including children in your special day below…

{Photo by EKR Pictures}

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