5 03, 2019

Decisions We Have Made | Blogging Bride Amanda

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From thinking about all of the wedding fayre information, advice and ideas, we put it all together in my Wedding Planner book that my Maid of Honour bought me, and we drank a bottle of Champagne one night. I think we must have chatted for about 5 hours solid about all things Amanda-&-Tom-get-hitched.


28 02, 2019

Dean & Annie | Calke Abbey Wedding | UK Wedding Blog

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Calke Abbey Wedding | Derbyshire Wedding Venues

Dean & Annie | Hanson Leatherby Photography

We are so delighted to finally be sharing the gorgeous wedding of Dean & Annie. If you followed last years’ Blogging Bride posts, you’ll recognise this lovely couple. Annie blogged her wedding planning journey for us throughout 2018, so it was amazing to see all of those plans come together for their big day.


19 02, 2019

Visiting Wedding Fayre’s | Blogging Bride Amanda

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Read our Blogging Bride Amanda’s latest instalment in her wedding planning blogs…

I am a huge fan of wedding fayre, shows, events. My fiancé on the other hand, is not. We went to one at Calke Abbey where different suppliers showcase their ideas. This was the first time we had looked inside The Riding School, apart from a lot of stalking on their Instagram. We walked in to the space, saw the high ceiling, spoke to someone from Honeysuckle & Castle and thought THIS IS IT. Booked it.


8 01, 2019

Meet our 2019 Blogging Bride, Amanda! | UK Wedding Blog

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If you’ve been following the Honeysuckle & Castle blog for some time now, you’ll know that we have our resident Blogging Brides who share their wedding planning journey in a series of blog posts. 2018’s Blogging Bride Annie has recently tied the knot! And so it was time to find a new lovely face to share her story.

Amanda & Tom get married at Calke Abbey this Summer, so here’s Amanda letting you in on the first part of their wedding planning journey…


23 04, 2018

BLOGGING BRIDE | Our Wedding Breakfast | Annie & Dean | UK Wedding Blog

2018-04-23T17:18:53+00:00April 23rd, 2018|

So we have the ring, the venue, the dress but what was next on the list? FOOD!

The women may talk about the dress and the men about just how funny the best man’s speech really was, but the food is the one thing that is ALWAYS discussed at length by all who attend. So many people have offered advice over the past couple of years and most of them have said the one thing they would do different and not cut corners on was the food. Dean and I are big foodies and love a good hearty meal.


9 01, 2018

Blogging Bride 2018 | Annie & Dean

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We wanted to kick the year off by letting some of our 2018 brides take over the blog! Every few weeks, you’ll be updated with their wedding planning journey and how they’re getting on with the entire planning process, from the proposal story to the big day itself!