We’re starting off this fine Tuesday morning by sharing some very, very exciting news (we also need to put a stop to these excitable jigs that  keep happening in our office). So can we have a drum roll please……….

Honeysuckle & Castle are extremely proud to announce that we are now the wedding coordinators for Hardwick Hall and are adding this magnificent National Trust wedding venue to our portfolio too!

Exclusively managing weddings at this breathtaking Derbyshire venue, we are ecstatic to be working in partnership again with the National Trust. By working as one, we are able continue to give our clients the high quality products and services that we are both known for. Together we are able to combine a range of services that mean our clientele can have the day of their dreams in yet another of our county’s most exquisite palaces.

This really is a monumental moment in Honeysuckle & Castle’s history and the realisation of one of our long held dreams! ‘Hardwick Hall, more glass than wall’ genuinely is a spectacular and unique location in which to celebrate your nuptials.

Built by Bess of Hardwick as she looked back in reflection over long years of loving marriage, Hardwick Hall Derbyshire, stands as a monument to a passionate and strong minded woman.

The golden glow of the ancient stone, the beautiful gardens and the majestic interior, all add to the romance of your special day.
If you yearn for the perfect historical setting mixing Elizabethan magic, romance and glamour then Hardwick Hall Derbyshire, will be your perfect wedding day location.

Made to inspire, Hardwick Hall Derbyshire, was built in 1597 at the end of the long and successful life of Elizabeth, countess of shrewsbury. Creating the monument to a life well lived, Bess furnished the Hall with the best that Elizabethan England had to offer.
Throughout the centuries Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire has been a family home, a party house and a reate of
the families of Dukes of Devonshire.

Harry Potter fans, you’ll most likely recognise Hardwick Hall as Malfoy Manor in the Deathly Hallows.

Hardwick Hall weddings Derbyshire

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The majestic Entrance Hall offers such a magnificent location for Civil Ceremonies.
Lined with English oak, Hardwick’s unique tapestries and the ornate fireplace, this is a handsome room, lienced for 75 guets, in which to affirm your love. Stood between the embroideries which represent love and devotion, family and friends are welcomed to witness a beautiful ceremony in such a magnificent setting.

Hardwick Hall Derbyshire weddings


 Working alongside the finest catering companies and the most amazing marquee and tipi companies from across the East Midlands, we at Honeysuckle & Castle are very much looking forward to offering truly unique weddings at this very special historic venue. 

If you would like more information about weddings at Hardwick Hall, please ‘Contact us’ at Honeysuckle & Castle