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When it comes to wedding entertainment, we’ve seen a lot. During our ten years in the industry, Honeysuckle & Castle have welcomed show-stopping magicians, singing waiters, glitter beards, and we’ve even had the odd unicorn turning up to the celebrations… There are certainly lots of weird and wonderful ways to ‘wow’ your guests, so when we were introduced Eddy Leisure – experts in fairground ride hire – it really got us thinking about how amazing it would be to turn your wedding day into your very own funfair…

Weddings have long since distanced themselves from the traditional white fairytale; an occasion that once came with strict rules and regulations has become much more relaxed in this modern world, and more people are realising that it’s okay to do things a little differently. We’re firm believers that every wedding should be totally unique to the couple – after all, it’s a celebration of your lives together – but of course, you’ll still want to make sure that your guests are thoroughly entertained and having an amazing time.

As your wedding day sees two families joining together, it’s great to have a real talking point throughout the day as a bonding exercise between any family members and friends that may have not met each other before. And what’s a better way to get people talking than dodgem rides or a helter skelter?! Eddy Leisure have an abundance of fairground rides for hire, from carousels, to ferris wheels… you’ve got the perfect opportunity to turn your wedding day into your very own little festival. Just think how much fun your guests will have crashing into each other in bumper cars?! Why not get a little competitive and take advantage of the dodgems hire?

Sticking with the Theme

We recently had one of our own couples carry off a funfair theme at their Calke Abbey wedding – although we couldn’t facilitate any fairground rides, they completely transformed the Riding School by using super bright coloured chair covers and ribbons in the ceilings, circus-inspired signage and seating plan, popcorn & pic’n’mix on the dessert table, plus lots of other fun things to keep guests entertained – including a game of ‘duck shoot out’, gigantic bubbles and a photobooth complete with props.

If you want to go all-out with your funfair or festival theme, think back to your childhood days at the local fair – why not go for candy floss cocktails? Burger and hot dog canapes? Hook-a-Duck place settings?! The options are endless.

Things to Consider

Before you book your rides and games, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. Firstly, it’s important that you check in with your venue to ensure they allow it – with fairground rides comes the need for a big empty level surface for set-up, as well as sufficient power too. You’ll also need to consider the age group of your guests, making sure that everyone is catered for. For the older family members that may not quite fancy a go on the dodgems, why not look into smaller table games that they can enjoy?

If we’ve successfully managed to convince you to have a funfair wedding, and you’ve got other questions, take a look at the Eddy Leisure website for more information.

About Eddy Leisure: Eddy Leisure are a family-run business offering event equipment hire across the UK.

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