Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time would you advise is a good time to host the ceremony?

A. The time will very much depend on the availability of the registrar; however, we find that between 1.00pm and 2.00pm tend to be the most popular options. Timings are based on your requirements and plans. Please note, if you are marrying within the Glasshouse during August, due to the heat, we highly recommend that you marry either before 11.00am or after 2.00pm.

Q. We’ve booked the venue, what do we do now?

A. The next important step is to book the registrar. It is a legal requirement that you book and organise the registrar therefore this isn’t something we can do on your behalf.

Please contact Nottinghamshire Registry Office direct on 0300 500 80 80 to book your wedding date and to arrange giving notice of marriage.

Q. Do my guests need to pay park entry?

A. No. Please provide us with a guest list a little closer to the time. We will then pass this on to the Park Entry Team who then can identify your guests on your big day providing free entry.

Q. May we throw confetti?

A. Yes with pleasure however, to protect the wildlife at Clumber Park, please only use real rose/flower petals or biodegradable confetti.

Q. How many guests can invite to our civil ceremony?

A. The Glasshouse is a botanical beauty spot located within the dreamy Walled Gardens. This setting can comfortably seat 40 guests for a Civil Ceremony. Once you have said ‘I do’, we welcome you and your guests to enjoy the Rose Garden, exclusively yours, for a Drink & Canape Reception, photographs and confetti.

Q. If we were to marry at Clumber Park and host our Reception elsewhere, can we stay for a Drinks Reception within the grounds?

A. We would love for you to stay for a drinks reception with us. Following a Civil Ceremony in the stunning The Glasshouse we will host a Drink & Canape Reception in the beautiful which will be exclusively yours until it is time for you to move on.

Q. Does Clumber Park have accommodation for my guests?

A. Sadly we do not have hotel facilities on site however if you fancy adding a quirky end to the day, the Clumber Park Campsite offers fantastic Glamping facilities. Further details are available at visit

Honeysuckle & Castle can happily provide you a list of local, highly recommendable, hotels and accommodation upon request.

Q. Can we leave cars over night?

A. Yes, in the main car park only. Vehicles are left at the owners’ own risk and must be collected the following day by 10am.

Q. Can we have candles?

A. Unfortunately not. Due to many buildings within the estate being Grade 1 listed, candles are not permitted. We can provide fantastic looking artificial candles. Candles are allowed outside.

Q. Can we have fireworks?

A. No. Fireworks or lanterns are not permitted anywhere within the park.

Q. Why do we need insurance?

A. It’s easy to see Wedding Insurance as another expense however, for how little it costs, Wedding Insurance can offer you a great peace of mind and a financial safety net.

Insurance can cover everything from freak weather conditions, the cancellation of suppliers to damage and injuries caused by your wedding guests.

From our perspective, our aim is to prolong and protect the our facilities. Sadly, accidents do happen therefore, if damage is caused by a guest for example, with the correct insurance cover, you personally will not be the one counting the losses.

R E Q U E S T   A   B R O C H U R E

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