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The concept of a ‘First Dance’ has been a tradition in European and American weddings for quite some time. For some, it’s an easy choice: if you’re a couple that have ‘a song’ then your decision will have been made almost instantly. But for others, it’s not that easy. Perhaps you don’t have the same taste in music, or you had your first smooch to a novelty song that just isn’t quite ‘first dance’ material… Here are some top tips to help you narrow down the search.

1. Make a list

You should know by now that at Honeysuckle & Castle, we love a list! So start off by writing a list of 10 songs, and ask your fiance to do the same. These can be anything from a song that reminds you of your other half – your first kiss, a song that played at a festival, or something that reminds you of your first holiday together. Anything at all – no matter how silly – write it down and then compare your list with your fiance.

2. Make it your own

One of the common predicaments is that ‘your song’ might be upbeat, and not a song that you can slow dance to. But if you’re having a band as your evening entertainment, why not ask if they can play a slowed-down version of that song?

OUR TIP: “My husband and I really struggled to choose a wedding song – we had songs that reminded us of each other but none that had romantic connotations. In the end, we chose Just Like Heaven by the Cure, but asked our band if they could sing a stripped-back, acoustic version that we could slow dance to. It was perfect and our guests loved it too!” – Olivia, marketing.

Alternatively, you might have the opposite problem – maybe you don’t fancy a slow dance? If head-banging is more your thing, then you do you! It’s always fun to see something different, and it keeps your guests entertained too!

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3. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

If you don’t have a ‘song’, then who cares? Not every couple has a song, and that’s totally fine. Choose something you love. Choose something that will get your guests up dancing. Or… choose nothing at all! You can always break tradition by not having a first dance song. Remember your wedding is about you as a couple, so do whatever you want to do and feel comfortable doing.

Finally… you don’t have to be the best dancer!

Hands up if you’ve ever seen a viral video of a couple that had a perfectly choreographed first dance routine? In reality, from our experience, the couple usually end up swaying along and singing their lungs out after one too many glasses of fizz. We have had a few couples that have practiced ballroom prior to their dance, but it’s by no means a requirement! So if you’ve got two left feet… embrace it! You can always invite your guests you join you on the dance floor after the first verse, which definitely takes the pressure off.

We asked you on Instagram what your first dance songs were… Here are some of our favourites!

The Ramones – Baby, I love You
Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me
Walk The Moon – Shut Up And Dance
Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
Andy Williams – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Al Green – Let’s Stay Together