So we have the ring, the venue, the dress but what was next on the list? FOOD!

The women may talk about the dress and the men about just how funny the best man’s speech really was, but the food is the one thing that is ALWAYS discussed at length by all who attend. So many people have offered advice over the past couple of years and most of them have said the one thing they would do different and not cut corners on was the food. Dean and I are big foodies and love a good hearty meal.

Black Peppermint are the recommended provider for our venue, Calke Abbey, and it’s not hard to see why. Owner Adam and his team have been wonderful from start to finish; they have listened to our thoughts and were never afraid to give their opinion and ideas on how to make our wedding breakfast perfect. We now have a beautiful menu and I am pleased to say this is the first time I am sharing the details with anyone!


Smoked salmon with prawn cocktail flavours

Dean’s favourite starter has always been prawn cocktail and I love ANY fish and sea food so it seemed like a perfect choice, but when you have a grand game-themed wedding with an ambitious ideas for the main course – would prawn cocktail really cut the mustard? Adam suggested a gorgeous twist on this classic topped with a quail egg. Well, that was a huge YES from us – game theme – tick!


Dean’s Venison two ways

The main course I have already mentioned and yes – it was an ambitious thought but with the help of the Black Peppermint team, it’s in the bag! Many people do not like the thought of where venison comes from claiming that it is cruel and unnecessary, however, without professional deer stalkers we would be overrun with deer and they would become a dangerous pest. Stalkers ensure that the population of deer is monitored and controlled in parks and on estates across the country. Any animals gathered from a stalk are used in their entirety being sent to butchers, furniture makers and even to the local animal shelters – dogs love antlers as chew toys!

Dean will be attending a deer stalk as part of his stag do with just a couple of close friends and they will be shooting the meat for our wedding breakfast! I think this will be a really nice touch – we will know exactly where the meat came from, how it was prepared and cooked and we will finish by enjoying it as one of our favourite meals on our special day!


A trio of Coffee and Walnut Cake Cubes, Lemon Posset with Blackberry and White Chocolate Mousse (with a twist that is so cute – I’m going to save the big reveal for the day!

We couldn’t decide on just one so we went with a taste of three!
Yep three deserts on a plate. I am allergic to chocolate (Yes – really ) so we had to ensure that we were keeping the guests happy as well as ensuring I have what I want too – I am the bride you know! Our desserts will be followed of course by coffee and artisan chocolates.


We all know kids have their own thoughts when it comes to dinner so – how about good old Bangers and mash!

Once all this was decided on a cold day back in January we just had to wait one more month for our tasting session. This was arranged for the same day as we were going to the registry office to declare our intent to marry – how romantic and what a way to celebrate. However – Mother Nature had other ideas! The snow arrived in Derbyshire! We made it to the office for our interviews but on the way to the tasting the weather got worse – the poor Black Peppermint team had it so bad they even had to abandon their cars!

The original plan was to take pictures and write this blog the day after so I could tell you how it tasted, but I will have to do that at a later date!

Our tasting is booked in for the end of the month and I am sooooo excited, it really is beginning to feel real now!

With just 6 months to go – what about the bridesmaids? Find out next time just how many are in my Bride Squad and how this came to be, not to mention the dresses, the shoes, the hair, the bouquets and more…!