So the ring was on my finger and the venue booked but I still had two years to wait for the big day. It wasn’t too early to find my dream dress, was it?!

The plan

With the excitement of the proposal still on our mind, my maid of honour, Ruth and I decided to have a ‘wedding weekend’. My mum was unfortunately too unwell to come dress shopping with me but as her opinion mattered to me so much, I took countless bridal magazines to her and we spent the afternoon going through pictures, making sure I knew exactly what I wanted for the biggest day of my life.

I have modelled wedding dresses before, however I had never modelled a dress and thought about having it for my big day –it just never crossed my mind. I guess that is because they have all been beautiful but they have never been a style I would pick for myself…

Take a leaf out of Ruthie’s book: I had booked an appointment at a local bridal boutique for the Saturday afternoon. Bridesmaid notebook at the ready, each time I walked out of the fitting room Ruthie would note down the style name, the pros and cons and of course the score out of 10. It was dress number 3 that was winning that afternoon, however it still wasn’t ‘the one’.

That evening Ruth and I searched and searched for a bridal boutique that we could go to the following day – however as it was a Sunday it proved difficult. We eventually came across a bridal warehouse. Now if you have ever heard of this concept you are in for a treat! The warehouse purchase end of line and sample designer dresses, remove the tags and sell on for a fraction of the designer cost! Perfect for brides on a budget or if you are like me, the cost-conscious bride looking for a bargain!

When trying them on, once again Ruthie noted each dress name and score. I tried just one dress that was the total opposite of what I was looking for and although I felt a million dollars – it cemented my thoughts of my perfect dress. And there it was – dress number 7 was it! The one. I had surprisingly found my perfect dress on a quiet Sunday afternoon and the cost – under £800! This means I may just have enough in the budget for my Louboutin bridal shoes!


I had arranged to pick my dress up and take it straight to mum to show her so that she could see just how happy I was, however unfortunately my mum passed away before I could show her. Even though she won’t be there for my big day I know she will be watching and that she will have certainly loved my chosen style – after all she did help me to choose it!

I picked up my dress with my future mother –in-law, and what a lovely afternoon we had. The dress is now hung in her spare room wardrobe well out of sight of my man!

But the story doesn’t end there…

Was I sure?

6 months in I had doubts! I sent a barrage of questions to my sister – I can always count on her to tell me the truth. Did I rush my choice of dress just so mum could see it? 
Is it really the right dress or did I just love the price?
 Is it really the way I remember it? 
Had I changed my mind on the style? 
Had I bought it too soon? She told me what I needed to hear – I needed to try it on.

I am so happy to say that my thoughts were unfounded! I am still in love with my dress – now more than ever!

Moral of the story – make notes so you remember the way you feel when trying dresses on. 
Stick with your gut instinct and if in doubt once you have it – try it on! 
Take pictures of yourself in your dress and look at them regularly – get excited about your perfect dress… I know I am!

Let’s just hope I feel the same way after eating our wedding breakfast… (to be continued…)