Hardwick Hall


If on your wedding day you dream of escaping in to a passionate, opulent and dramatic world of your own, then you really must see what you can do at our brand new Derbyshire wedding venue Hardwick Hall!

Honeysuckle & Castle was immensely proud to recently be able to showcase this magnificent venue by creating the ultimate launch photo shoot with some of the best professionals in the wedding industry.

When organising our launch shoot for Hardwick Hall, I had a very specific look in my mind: 1927 high society country chic; when the Mitford sisters were ‘the Kardashians’ of their day and the darlings of British society. Graceful but with a beguiling, darker charm, they were the English aristocratic version of the American Great Gatsby. Glamorous, decadent and timeless, theirs was a look and style that we knew would look as sensational today as it did back then. Also, rather poignantly, the youngest of the six sisters, Deborah Mitford, later became the 11th Duchess of Devonshire and keeper of this magnificent venue that we now count as our own for weddings and special events. We liked that we were linking the buildings’ past with its present. Despite it being built in the 16th century, we thought that the ‘Mitford’ look would perfectly demonstrate what a current and versatile place Hardwick Hall really is.

To capture the full glory of Hardwick Hall, its’ parklands and gardens, we knew that Ben at HBA Photography was the perfect man for the job. Living up to his reputation as being one of the best (and nicest) photographers in the industry, Ben captured a truly romantic, atmospheric and broodingly gorgeous range of images. It is not an exaggeration to describe his work as breath taking! Over and over again, his work left us speechless and with tears of joy. Never before had we seen such a fabulous range of shots.

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To make our ideas become a reality, we knew there was no better ‘behind the scenes team’ to have on board than attire experts Lorraine (Lori G Bridal Studio), Lizzie (Elizabeth Malcolm Couture Bridalwear) and Paddy (Brigdens). All  instantly understood the ‘Mitfort’ brief and were as excited as we were to be making a little piece of history of our own at Hardwick Hall. Lorraine helped me choose a delicate jewel encrusted white gown for a softer, more romantic take on the style and Lizzie went all out to personally craft and create the the sensational shimmering gold sequin gown that added the ‘Mitford’ drama and glitz that we were looking for. Both bought along their own sensational accessories to add a little more sparkle and our ‘groom’ looked dashing and handsome in his finely cut bespoke Brigdens suit. He definitely looked as though his valet had dressed him that morning.

We were also ecstatic to have Sidonie Makeup Artist and Lilly Monroe’s on board who stunningly coiffed and beautified our modern day models back into the roaring 1920’s. With finger curls galore and lashings and lashings of red lipstick, they executed the look exquisitely. Our models looked flawless and as radiant as all brides should look on their big day.

Hardwick Hall Shoot 069 Hardwick Hall Shoot 070 Hardwick Hall Shoot 077 Hardwick Hall Shoot 079 Hardwick Hall Shoot 084 Hardwick Hall Shoot 085 Hardwick Hall Shoot 089 Hardwick Hall Shoot 092 Hardwick Hall Shoot 094 Hardwick Hall Shoot 099 Hardwick Hall Shoot 135 Hardwick Hall Shoot 136 Hardwick Hall Shoot 138 Hardwick Hall Shoot 150 Hardwick Hall Shoot 153 Hardwick Hall Shoot 155

We also received a professional helping hand from the fabulous Posh Props and Dottie Love Balloons who perfectly applied the stunning finishing decor touches. I’m sure that you’ll all agree that the dedication and hard work of the entire team has resulted in the most stunning images! What’s even more amazing is that this is what they do every day and that they work as tirelessly as this to ensure the same standards for their clients too!

We also hope that our shoot can show lovely couples that there is genuinely no better place to solidify the union of your life than at Hardwick Hall; the ancestral home of the Dukes of Devonshire, Portland and Newcastle. After 4 marriages of her own, a fine example was set from the very beginning when Bess, Countess of Shrewsbury built this Palace. Since then, Hardwick Hall has become woven into the branches of many famous and illustrious marriages throughout British history (including all the way down to the present royal family) and we wanted to show that you can become apart of that history too.

Not only is Hardwick hall itself stunning, but so too are its gardens and surrounding estate. On your wedding day, it really could be yours to exclusively capture and enjoy and this is something that we hope has been conveyed in our pictures pictures.

Hardwick Hall Shoot 158 Hardwick Hall Shoot 163 Hardwick Hall Shoot 164-2 Hardwick Hall Shoot 170 Hardwick Hall Shoot 164 Hardwick Hall Shoot 171-2 Hardwick Hall Shoot 173 Hardwick Hall Shoot 178 Hardwick Hall Shoot 183 Hardwick Hall Shoot 222 Hardwick Hall Shoot 226 Hardwick Hall Shoot 229 Hardwick Hall Shoot 253 Hardwick Hall Shoot 254

Photography // HBA Photography

Bridal Gowns // Lori G Bridal Studio AND Elizabeth Malcolm Couture Bridalwear

Suits // Brigdens

Make Up // Sidonie Makeup Artist

Hair Design // Lilly Monroe’s

Flowers // Honeysuckle & Castle

Props // Posh Props

Balloons // Dottie Love Balloons