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Your wedding day is the perfect union of two souls; a day that is for you and your partner entirely. However, your wedding guests are such a huge part of your day too, and having your loved ones there – whether it’s a small, intimate celebration, or a gathering of everyone you know – will be what makes the occasion even more special. So how can you incorporate those guests into the day to help make some incredible memories? We’ve listed five ways that you can include your guests in your wedding day.

Personalised Place Settings

“A wedding I went to once had really embarrassing Facebook photos of us for each of our place settings,” says Honeysuckle & Castle’s Marketing Manager Olivia. “I remember thinking how thoughtful it was that the bride and groom had gone through everyone’s Facebook profile to find the funniest picture. It’s little touches like that which can really make a guest feel part of your special day”.

Aside from the fact that it makes guests feel included, personalised place settings can also be a great talking point for guests that may not know each other – showing off each others’ embarrassing photos is certainly an ice-breaker!

Tokens for Freebies

We’re not always fortunate enough to be able to offer an open bar to our guests, but drinks tokens can certainly be a nice touch – it means guests can still have a drink on you, but won’t take advantage of the option for free booze all night. Why not try the idea of providing guests with blank keyrings to use as tokens to exchange for a free drink, or even a free photo from your photo booth. The keyrings could be placed in their seats as wedding favours, and after they’ve exchanged them for their freebie, they can keep as a memory from your big day!

DIY Prosecco Bar

If you’ve signed up to Pinterest for wedding inspiration, chances are you might have come across pictures of ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ bars. They’re typically a stall filled with fresh fruit, flavoured syrups and garnishes to add to your prosecco. It’s a great way of guests being a little more interactive on your wedding day. You could always serve prosecco after your ceremony, and offer the DIY prosecco bar to get guests chatting and keep them entertained during the interim period before your wedding breakfast…

RSVP Song Requests

This is something we see more and more often now, but it’s a brilliant way of ensuring everyone gets a taste of what they really love for your evening celebrations: asking your guests to request songs when they return their RSVP. Of course, you might want to make sure no embarrassing or explicit tunes slip through the net… but we think this is a great way to get your guests involved – plus, it means they’ll likely stick around on the dance floor waiting for their song to come on!

Polaroid Guest Book

You’ll really enjoy reading through your guest book in the days that follow your wedding day, so why not make those lovely notes from your guests even more personal by asking them to take a polaroid to place next to their message? Simply place your polaroid camera next to the guest book and ask your guests to take a selfie to stick in the book next to their message. It’ll be fun to look at after the big day, and it’s a great way to savour memories from your wedding day.

We’d love to know your ideas for getting guests involved in your big day! Let us know in the comments…

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