Wedding favours are a great way to say ‘thank you’ to your guests for being part of your special day, and there are so many options on what to give, whether it’s a personalised keepsake, or an edible treat. Whatever you decide as your wedding favours, you’ll want your guests to appreciate your efforts, and it can be hard to find a gift that won’t get left behind at the end of the night, but also that doesn’t break the bank. So we’ve compiled a list of some of our absolute favourite wedding favour ideas…

Edible Treats

You can’t really go wrong with an edible treat. We’ve seen cookies, sweets and macaroons all used as wedding favours before, and the best part about this is that you can make them yourselves prior to the big day, keeping costs at a minimum if you’re watching your budget. You could make your own jams, chutneys and hot sauces, or even personalise biscuits for each guest and use them as their place setting too, which also cuts down on your stationery costs. There are so many creative ways you can incorporate edible gifts into your wedding favours!

Personalised Touches

Everyone loves a personalised gift, and we’ve found some absolute gems on Countryside Art, from cosmetics bags to mugs and coasters – all of which would make great wedding favours for your guests and every time they were used, they’d think about your wedding day! You can use your own images and colours that will fit with your theme, plus, Countryside Art also do some great Wedding Tea Towels which would make an incredible guest book idea – remember at school when everyone would draw a self-portrait and write their name underneath? Kind of like that but with tipsy wedding guests…! Find out more about the teatowel printing specialists here.


Whether it’s a charity that means a lot to you, or a cause that you support the values of, you could opt to donate £1 per guest to a chosen charity in place of buying a wedding favour. You could even design your own leaflets and leave them on each place setting, explaining all about the charity and your decision to donate – and it’s all for a good cause! Guests would love that you’ve done a good deed in their name, and it’s a great way to spread the word about a charity close to your heart.

Picture Perfect

One of the best wedding favours we’ve ever had was when the bride and groom looked through everyones Facebook page and picked out the most embarrassing photo to use as their place setting – it’s a sure fire way of getting everyone talking, and it’s a great way of breaking the ice if you have guests sat together that have never met before. It puts everyone into instant relaxation mode, and everyone can just kick back and have fun!

Watch Love Grow!

We love to see wedding favours that can be used by the guests when they get home, and what’s a better keepsake than to have your own flowers in everyones garden forever?! Give your guests a packet of flower seeds, and instruct them to plant them at their home and ‘watch love grow’. Sure it’s a little bit cheesy, but who doesn’t love a good wedding themed pun and nice new flowers to grow in their garden?!

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Photo by Wedding Photography on Unsplash